Ready to Plan Your Maine Wedding & Don’t Know Where to Start?

wedding budget

You can see how much our venue will cost you, but this tool is designed to help you see what your total wedding investment will be.

This is NOT a guarantee of services, costs, etc. It is merely a rough estimate based on other couples experiences to help you get a feel for how much your wedding will truly cost. You can spend much more if you desire. It would be challenging to spend less.

The greatest gift that you can give yourself going into the planning process is to have a guest list, so you know how many guests versus a range AND to have a date as pricing changes based on demand. You will have more control over your budget when you know these two things upfront.

Please do your own due diligence. If pricing differs between here and our investment page, the pricing on the investment page is accurate and current. Finally, no price is firm for any vendor except for the price that is on the signed contract. We reserve the right to modify our pricing at anytime until a signed contract is in place.

Estimated Investment Calculator

How many guests
(include the couple and the wedding party)


Our rental fee is based on the length of rental and the day of the week

Bar Services

We handle the alcohol and bartenders. There will be tax and gratuity added to the open bar options. If you choose a cash bar, there is a service fee associated with that option to cover paying our bar staff. If you choose to supply your own non-alcoholic beverages, we also charge a service fee for NOT having a bar, and NO alcohol will be available for your wedding with this option. *Please note that Sunday weddings have different options not listed here.


As we don't supply the catering, these are very rough estimates based upon what we have seen in our area.


Please keep in mind, that even with family or friends doing the photography to save money, you will still be spending money on printing, etc. We have included that in these estimates to give you a true feel.


Regardless if they are real, silk, wooden or something else, flowers cost money.


At a minimum, you will want to think about how each table at the reception is decorated, but you can also totally transform the venue with décor.


Think about music for the ceremony AND the reception and the person that keeps the party going!


Videography is something that some couples do not care about, while other couples want a professional video remembrance of their day and are willing to spend the money to get it.

Couples Attire

This encompasses attire for both of you.

Hair & Makeup


While fewer couples have a huge wedding cake these days, they all do provide a sweet dessert!


Tablecloths, napkins and more!

Table Settings

Plates, silverware and non-bar glassware.


Postage is often not though about but adds up so we have included it in the estimate


While having your wedding with us means that you don’t have to provide transportation between the ceremony and reception, you still need to think about this if you are planning to provide shuttle service for your guests or take formal portraits off site.


Even if you are planning your own wedding, you will still need to provide a Day of Coordinator (DOC). The Agora Grand requires you to have a DOC. Your entire day will be less stressful with one to help make it a great event that is talked about for years to come.


Let's not forget the whole reason for the day! You can bring your own pastor, have a friend perform the ceremony, or hire a wedding pro to make it official.


This is to account for favors, late night snacks, photobooths, wedding party gifts, etc. It is also a place to account for any upgrades that you think you will need to the items listed above if the budget estimate we provided is not enough.

Estimated Total Wedding Budget