The Ten Most Adventurous Ways to Get Married

You found the love of your life, someone as unique and adventurous as you are. You’ve been to plenty of traditional weddings but now it’s your turn and you want your special day to be as wild and incredible as your love is. So forget tradition, chug several energy drinks, and get married on your own terms. Here are ten of the most outrageously adventurous ways to say “I do.”


unique ways to get married

Photo Courtesy Vegas Extreme Skydiving

Jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet and free fall at 120 miles per hour with your partner, your officiant, and anyone else brave enough to join!

Pros include: Spectacular views; mixing the adrenaline rushes of free fall and committing to your life partner.

Cons include: About 30 seconds for the entire ceremony; if your parachute doesn’t open, you’ve only got another 30 seconds to be married.

Southeast Asian Treehouse

unique ways to get married

Photo Courtesy The Gibbon Experience

Ever dream of staying in a Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse? In the country of Laos, you can stay in a variety of truly incredible treehouses built hundreds of feet above the jungle wilderness. Bring a local priest and get married in a picturesque natural setting.

Pros include: The only way to and from the treehouses is via zipline, an adventure of its own; wedding guests include lots of fellow primates swinging through the trees.

Cons include: Rainwater showers sound romantic but they’re actually icy cold; wildlife is great – until it consists of native tarantulas and scorpions.


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